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Friend-of-Friends (Davis et al. 1985) halo catalogs and Rockstar (Behroozi et al. 2013) halo/subhalo catalogs are available.

If you want catalogs with other redshifts, do not hesitate to ask me (ishiyama - at -

ν2GC-L (81923, 1120Mpc/h)

ν2GC-M (40963, 560Mpc/h)

ν2GC-H3 (40963, 140Mpc/h)

ν2GC-S (20483, 280Mpc/h)

ν2GC-H1 (20483, 140Mpc/h)

ν2GC-H2 (20483, 70Mpc/h)