Cosmological N-body simulations databases


This site provides halo/subhalo catalogs and merger trees obtained from large cosmological N-body simulations. Management with MySQL enables to access data easily and fast.

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Username and password are needed to access databases. Please contact to
ishiyama -at-
Some data can also be downloaded without databases here.

For the faster access to the databases, redshifts of halos/subhalos are labeled as "Snap_num" (inteager) in consistent tree data. To see look-up tables, please click the "redshifts" columns in the below table.

Simulation Details

The adopted cosmological parameters are based on an observation of the cosmic microwave background obtained by the Planck satellite ( Planck Collaboration, 2014, A&A, 571, A16) , namely, \(\Omega_0=0.31, \Omega_b=0.048, \lambda_0=0.69, h=0.68, n_s=0.96\), and \(\sigma_8=0.83\).

Halo/subhalos are identified by Rockstar (Behroozi et al. 2013). Consistent tree (Behroozi et al. 2013) is used for merger tree construction.

When you write papers using these catalogs, please refer the papers specified in the © columns.

Name #particles L(Mpc/h) m (Msun/h) Consistent
Rockstar redshifts ©
ν2GC-L 81923 1120.0 2.20 x 108 z=0,1,2,3
ν2GC-M 40963 560.0 2.20 x 108 upon request table 1,2
ν2GC-S 20483 280.0 2.20 x 108 table 1,2
ν2GC-H1 20483 140.0 2.75 x 107 table 1,2
ν2GC-H2 20483 70.0 3.44 x 106 table 1,2
Phi-0 20483 8.0 5.13 x 103 upon request upon request 3
Phi-1 20483 32.0 3.28 x 105 table 4
ν2GC-SS 5123 70.0 2.20 x 108 table 1,2
Phi-4096 40963 16.0 5.13 x 103 upon request upon request 5

Mock galaxy catalogs

Some mock galaxy catalogs with a semi-analytic model of galaxy and AGN, New Numerical Galaxy Catalog (ν2GC) , are available.

link to mock catalogs

Publications using these data